About WHSWO Hall of Fame

The WHSWO Hall of Fame is the hallmark and highest symbolic preservation and historical recognition and honor bestowed upon any women in the world who has, Lived A Life That Inspires Another life, A life Worth Celebrating, A Life worth Emulating, An Inspiration To Humanity And A Legacy Worth Preserving For Generations Present and Future.

Induction into the WHSWO Hall of Fame is highly exclusive and limited to 20 inductees worldwide on an annual basis. Inductees Include Among Others From Around the World: Female Heads of State and governments and their Deputies, Prime Ministers, Ministers of States and Governments, Founders of Companies and Organizations, Pioneers, Board Chairpersons, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Managing Directors, Activists, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Academics, Industrialists, Philanthropists, Actresses, Public Personalities, Artists, Producers, Directors, Sculptures, Poets only but to mention a few from around the world.

The induction criteria is hinged upon the basic precepts that underlie any human act of self determination, hard work, inspiration, success, intelligence, education, experience, womanhood and legacy building that encourages others not to only admire but also emulate one’s historical legacy while aspiring to live as such.

It is such historical legacies coupled with a strong belief that when excellence, inspiration and achievement are recognized that then the values of womanhood and integrity become embodied in humanity.