Induction into the WHSWO (NB: NOT THE HALL OF FAME)

Induction into the Women’s Heritage Society is the second highest symbolic preservation and historical recognition and honor bestowed upon any women in the world who has, Lived A Life That Inspires Another life, A life Worth Celebrating, An Inspiration To Humanity And A Legacy Worth Preserving For Generations Present and Future. This may not necessarily mean that their contribution or importance is in anyway different or of lesser significance from other women inducted into the Hall of Fame. An inductee of the society can also be inducted into the Women’s Heritage Society Hall of Fame.

Induction into the WHSWO is also highly exclusive and is not limited.

Other Inductees into the WHSWO from all over the world but not the Hall of Fame include the following from Zimbabwe only:

  • 1. Dr. C. Jinya, MD: MBCA Bank
  • 2. Dr. Merrisa Kambani, CEO: Avenues Clinic
  • 3. Eng. Gloria Magombo, CEO: ZERA
  • 4. Eve Gadzikwa, CEO: SAZ
  • 5. Nancy Guzha, CEO: Unilever Zimbabwe
  • 6. Dr. Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, Senior Pastor: Christ Embassy Church
  • 7. Marah Hativagone, MD: CodChem
  • 8. Florence L. Sigudu Matamba, CEO: Transmedia Corporation
  • 9. Apostle Sarah Nyathi, Harvest House Int’l Church, MLI
  • 10. Apostle M. Gurupira, FIG International
  • 11. Florence Jambwa, Zimra
  • 12. Pastor Maureen B. Shana, WOLIM
  • 13. Dr. Maureen Nyemba, Betta Ball Sports Company
  • 14. Ruth Ncube, MD, First Mutual Life
  • 15. Dr. N. Matshalaga, Primson
  • 16. Lynn Mukonoweshuro, AfrAsia
  • 17. Dr. Isabel Chihuri, Kuyedza Women’s Club
  • 18. Dr. P. I. Hove, Elshaddai Ministries International
  • 19. Dr. N. V. Mtomba, Avondale Primary School
  • 20. Dr. Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, UFIC
  • 21. B.S. Mtsambiwa, Girls High School

Induction, Membership, Association and or Affiliation and or any other form of involvement or communication with the Women’s Heritage Society is exclusive and is strictly by Invitation.