In order to develop, promote and disseminate knowledge and information about women’s legacies, successes, roles in society and economic trends which affect women’s lives and status while simultaneously celebrating them, the Society among others: Creates a vibrant network of inductees, memberships, partnerships, associations and affiliations so as to expand its strategic social development alliances and support networks;

Acknowledges, celebrates and honors inspirational and successful women; Facilitates participation in key global events where women and social investors interact and engage one another; Provides resource and impartial advice to aspiring inspirational and successful women who want to write and leave a legacy for generations present and future;

Develops and stimulates the development of initiatives aimed at nurturing and supporting the growth of women’s emancipation, resource mobilization and effective strategies for sustainable development; Identifies, documents and shares best practices in women’s development initiatives, resource mobilization and philanthropy; Supports capacity building initiatives and documents knowledge in the areas of endowment building, foundation building, women’s development and other core areas of interest to Society; Develops and strengthens partnerships with Governments, Civil Society, Private Sector, Development partners, Faith Based Organizations and other Global Women’s Development and emancipation Support Organizations on common areas of interest;